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NordPass is a secure vault for your online login information. Download the NordPass app now and save your username, passwords and other important information across all your devices—even when you’re offline. NordPass will save your passwords and login information safely and securely. When you visit a new website, your information will be automatically loaded, saving you additional time. To make your passwords more secure, make sure you include a mix of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. For an even better password, use the NordPass Password Generator to create one that is difficult to guess. Take control of your passwords security. Use Data Breach Scanner to keep track of any risks or new breaches by our carefully updated database. Read our NordPass Review.

When you set up a NordPass account, you need to create a master password and use this to sign in to your account. Make sure the master password is strong! If you're unsure, you can use NordPass's password checker to determine its strength. NordPass offers a password generator that is available to both premium and free users. The password generator will produce strong credentials according to your specifications. You can choose to input as many or as few characters as you like. You can also specify which characters should be used - capital letters or special characters

While NordPass's password manager can be useful for individuals, it's also an excellent tool for businesses. The service protects both personal and business accounts from unauthorized logins. Users can choose between giving recipients full access or setting a limited number of permissions. For example, if you don't want others to see or edit your password, you can give them limited access. If you don't want someone to know your password, you can set the system to only allow them to view and fill in your credentials during a specified period.

NordPass Features

NordPass is your fully featured password manager. It's one of the best and well known password management softwares on the market and it's incredibly easy to use. Manage your passwords, credit cards, personal information and secure notes all in one app. One of the best features of NordPass is that it can generate complex passwords for any of your logins. NordPass is available on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android apps. NordPass also has browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera.

Save passwords with 1 click - Creating a new login or password, no problem. NordPass will prompt you to save your new login details and remember then the next time you need them.

Auto Login - No need to remember your usernames or passwords any more. NordPass will remember for you.

Import and Export - NordPass detects password in your browser or import then from a csv file of other password manager.

Browser Extension - Enable autosave and autofill to your web browser.

Sync Devices - Sync all your logins and passwords across your computers, tablets and smart phone automatically to access any time from any device.

Unlimited Passwords - Never run out of storage for your logins and passwords. Store as many as you like and access them whenever you need them.

Save and Autofill - Add your personal information and autofill online forms with a few clicks.

Complex Password Generator - Strengthen your passwords with strong and random passwords. Never use the same passowrd twice!

Emergency Access - Provide family members or close friends access to your passwords with your NordPass Vault.

NordPass Pricing

NordPass has three pricing plans, one free and two paid plans. The Premium Plan and the Family Plan both have a month to month payment option, plus a one year or 2 year deal. For individuals you can save up to 50% with the Premium Plan for 2 years, or 33% for a 1 year term. For families, the Family plan gives you six accounts. Better yet give NordPass a look and sign up for a FREE 30 Day Trial of NordPass Premium. 


With 30 Day Premium Trial

  • No Credit Card needed

  • 1 user account

  • Save unlimited passwords

  • Autosave and autofill

  • Import and Export passwords

  • Keep notes and credit cards

  • Fill forms with Personal Info

  • Generate unique passwords

  • Automatic sync across devices

  • Protect passwords with Multi-factor Authentication

  • Mac, PC, Tablet and Mobile Phone Apps

  • Premium

    Save up to 50% off

  • All FREE features + 

  • Stay logged in when switching devices

  • Share items with people you trust

  • Give access to passwords in case of emergency

  • Identify weak, old, and reused passwords

  • Scan the web for data leaks

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    30-Day No Risk Money Back Guarantee

    Enjoy full access to Nord Pass completely risk-free. If you are not 100% satisfied, tell us within 30 days of buying NordPass and get a full refund.

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