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Murf A.I.

Murf AI

Murf.ai is a new AI voice generator that enables you to create professional, human sounding voice overs for your videos. You can also record your own voice and convert it to an A.I. voice, add a script, or use a pre-made templates. Murf also has a video editor but it's best features are the quality of the A.I. voices to convert your script or text into speech. To have a voiceover added to your video, all you need is a script.. No recording necessary, no background noise. You can use your voice to customize the tone and make subtle changes like pitch, speed, and emphasis. We also include pronunciation customization so you can sound like a native speaker

This text to speech software gives you full control of the process of generating voice overs. You can use it to create and edit voice overs, and then sync them with your chosen voice. You can also adjust pitch, accent, and punctuation to match your content. Then, you can use the tool to create professional-sounding voiceovers for videos, presentations, and more. 

Murf Features

Murf is one of the best text to speech softwares on the market with human sounding voices in over 20 languages. Murf A.I. has mnay features listed below. Sign up and try Murf A.I. today!

Text to Speech - Choose from a wide selection of human sounding voices to make professional voice overs for your videos or presentations - no more robotic voices!

Voice Cloning - Build an AI Voice Clone as Unique as your Brand. Make Your Brand Sound Like a Million Bucks

Voice over Video - Start with a video file or an image and add perfectly timed voice overs in just a few minutes. You can add free music too.

Voice Over Google Slides - Wondering how to do voice over on Google Slides? Check out Murf’s new Google Slides Voice Add-on

Voice Changer - Transform your voiceoverfrom a home recording to a professional AI voice

Use Cases - Elearning, Ads, Explainer Videos, Presentations, Audio Books, Youtube Video, Podcasts, Spotify Ads, IVR Invoices

Text to Speech voices in 20 languages. From English and Spanish to Chinese and French, we have you covered across languages and accents.

High-quality voices for every use case. Creative, Corporate or Entertainment, there is a voice in Murf for every creator.

Extra Features - Emphasize specific words, Take control of your narration with Pitch, Elevate your story with Pause

Murf Pricing

Murf has a free plan plus three paid plans including a Pro, Team and Enterprise option. Enterprise is best suited for 5+ users. See the plan details below and try Murf's free account. Once you realize how good Murf.ai is you can upgrade to the Pro or Team plan. Remember you can save 33% by paying yearly. Murf also has an add-on, one time basic pack for $19 that gives you 30 minutes, 60 voices and 10 languages for a one off project.


Simple way to get started


Save 33% with yearly plan

  • All 130 voices (20 languages)

  • Single User

  • 48 hours of voice generation/ year

  • 24 hours of transcription/ year

  • Unlimited Downloads

  • Commercial Usage rights

  • AI Voice changer

  • Recorded voice editing

  • Chat & Email Support

  • Team

    Save 33% with yearly plan

  • Everything in Pro, plus:

  • Up to 3 Users

  • 144 hours of voice generation/ year

  • 72hours of transcription/ year

  • Collaborative Workspace

  • Access Control

  • Admin Tools

  • Priority Support

  • Murf Videos

    Murf Screenshots

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