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Groove AI

Groove AI

Groove.ai is an AI-powered SaaS platform designed to automate marketing, copywriting, and website design tasks. It helps businesses save time and increase their conversion rates through advanced AI algorithms and machine learning technology. Groove.ai is for marketers, bloggers, content creators, and agencies who want to streamline their marketing and sales processes. Check out our Groove AI Review site dedicated to answer all your questions.

Groove.ai has many great features that make it stand out from the competition. One of the best features is the ability to create AI-generated funnels and brand websites, writing copy, choosing images, and laying out pages based on your preferences. Another great feature is the mid-journey prompts, which is a tool for creating more engaging prompts for AI-generated content, enhancing the quality of output. Groove.ai's integration with ChatGPT allows for better prompt engineering, providing more specific and effective copywriting results. Additionally, Groove.ai offers a private Facebook group of over 1500 members.

Groove AI Features

Groove AI offers a comprehensive suite of marketing automation tools designed to streamline and enhance your digital marketing efforts. This user-friendly platform allows you to create AI-generated funnels and brand websites, assisting with tasks such as writing copy, selecting images, and designing page layouts according to your preferences. With its integration with ChatGPT, Groove.ai delivers superior prompt engineering for more specific and effective copywriting results. Other notable features include the ability to generate engaging prompts for AI-created content, and a rich text editor for your convenience.

Furthermore, the platform offers access to advanced tools like Mid Journey for Discord, which generates custom art based on prompts, and Glass, a Chrome extension that transcribes and summarizes YouTube videos. Groove.ai is also committed to continual innovation, demonstrated by its integration with OpenAI Whisper for voice-to-text and text-to-voice capabilities, and various case studies showcasing its applications in content creation, website design, and promotional material writing.

Copywriting - AI is better and faster, so you can say goodbye to writer's block and hello to world-class copy that sells! Groove.ai's copywriting AI uses deep learning to create engaging, high-converting copy in seconds.

Create content 10 x faster - Blogs, Articles, Emails, Press Releases, Website Copy, Funnel Copy, Landing page and Webinar Registration pages, Social Media, Advertising, Video Scripts, Freemiums, Reports, Mind Maps, Outlines, Process Maps, Worksheets, Workbooks, and even Books.

Brand Website Builder - Build your brand's online presence in minutes with Groove.ai's intuitive drag-and-drop website. It will build all the pages, copy, images, and title tags, and optimize them for S.E.O. …then, you can even export the pages to GroovePages and Webflow. Say goodbye to the need for a web development, design experience, or copywriter!

Chrome Extension - The Groove.ai Chrome extension lets you use the platform anywhere you type. By entering the Magic Prompt of ##// followed by your request and hitting enter, Groove.ai generates the text you need. This can be used for writing copy in emails, blogs, product descriptions, and more, across platforms like Gmail, GrooveBlog, and WordPress.

Landing Page Funnel Builder - Build your landing pages and funnels in minutes with Groove.ai's intuitive drag-and-drop funnel builder.It will build all the pages, copy and images, title tags, and optimize them for S.E.O. then, you can even export the pages to GroovePages and Webflow. When you’re done, export them to GroovePages in Groove.cm to edit, publish and save. 

Chatbot Assistant - Let Groove.ai integration with ChatGPT help you to create tasks on the go for any project you are working on.

Create Research Primers (Exclusive) - Add your Google Analytics or Facebook pixels to track your blo's visitors.

Preset Prompt Engineering - Groove.ai will do this for you. You will have a drop-down to choose “pre-seasoned” and “Par-baked” prompts in the background for things like style and tone of voice. We can choose from SEO, direct response, profession, etc. Some will focus on conversion and SEO, while others will be educational.

Teams - With Groove.ai, you can collaborate with other writers and share your work with your team. Whether you need to work on a project together or get feedback on your writing, Groobe.ai makes it easy to collaborate and get the job done.

Groove AI Pricing

Groove AI's new pricing plan is only $497 per year which is $42 per month. This is honestly a no-brainer as most of the other platforms charge a monthly fee of at least $50-100 per month. You can also bundle Groove AI with Groove CM for all your other marketing needs for your websites, ecommerce stores, mail, blog, funnels, online courses and much more for ONLY $797 per year/ $67 per month.

With the Groove AI backer plan, you get a $100 free credit that you can use for OpenAI's GPT API. This credit is equivalent to 37.5 million words, which is like writing a 1,000-word email every day for a century. This means you can use the GPT API without worrying about the cost for a while. Additionally, you can buy more credits at wholesale prices, which means you don't have to pay retail markup. This is a great deal that you don't want to miss out on

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