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Descript is the world's first audio word processor, allowing users and team members to view and edit any audio file as text. Descript is a tool that allows you to record, transcribe, edit, mix and master your audio and video. The main features of Descript are audio and video editing as easy as editing a document. the four main products are podcasts, transcription, screen recording and video editing. Some of the unique tools that make Descript a great product are Overdub where you can fix mistakes with A.I. to to clone your voice, filler words to remove pauses, um's and ah's. Studio sound will make your audio sound better by removing background noise. 

With powerful editing features and a simple drag-and-drop interface, Descript is perfect for anyone who wants to create high-quality videos and podcasts without having to learn complicated software. Whether you're a first-time filmmaker or a seasoned pro, Descript will help you take your projects to the next level.

Descript Features

Descript is a powerful software that can cut down on time editing videos, transcribe audio to text, and even create a digital voice profile of your voice and clone your voice using A.I. You have to try it to belive it!

Podcasting - Edit your podcasts quickly with Descript's powerful podcast editor with remote recording, collaboration and audiograms.

Transcription - Convert your audio into text automatically with over 22 languages to choose from with accurate and turnaround in just a few seconds

Screen Recording - Record your screen and webcam, have speech transcribed automatically, and then edit and share your recording easily

Video Editing - Edit videos as easily as editing a word document. A video word processor. Edit your videos by editing text!. Add titles, animations, music, transitions and more

Overdub - Fix mistakes by typing what you wish you said. Create an AI clone of your voice, and add words to your audio as simple as typing

Filler Words - remove those "um's", "ah's" and "ya know" from your video with a click of a button. Save a huge amount of time editing

Social Video - Quickly make shareable social media video clips

Studio Sound - Remove noise and echo in one click. Remove noise and echo, then restore and elevate speech. It makes flawed recordings sound like they were made in a studio

Subtitles - With Descript you can transcribe your video and create beautiful captions quickly

Descript Pricing

Descript has three main plans - FREE, Creator and Pro. There's also a custom Enterprise plan for 10+ user teams. SIgn up and try with the free plan to see what Descript can do. There are 2 ways to pay for all plans - monthly or yearly. With the yearly plans you can save 20% and prices are very affordable. If you work with a team there are also options to add team members under a Basic or Editor member. Basic members are free and have access to everything except editing. Editor gets access to all features. Pricing of team members depends on what plan you have and if you pay monthly or yearly.

Descript Screenshots

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